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I’ve just posted my 40th short, encouraging video on the Abounding Faith YouTube Channel! Glory! This video is the welcome message for the channel. I hope you’re blessed by it. In honor of this happy milestone, I’d like to share a bit about the channel.   

I blame it on my iPhone! When I upgraded my phone a few years ago, I couldn’t resist playing with my new front-facing camera. It was around the time that I was preparing to go on a short-term missions trip to Honduras. It was going to be an historic trip with 2,000 missionaries flooding the country with the love of Jesus.

The reporter in me was excited about recording footage in Honduras. And now not only could I narrate from behind the scenes, but I could actually be part of the videos thanks to my front-facing camera!

That’s how the Abounding Faith YouTube Channel was born. I wanted to make encouraging videos as an extension of my blog.

Over the weeks, months, and now years I have shot short, encouraging videos while on missions trips to Honduras and Peru, vacation in Europe and the Caribbean, and all throughout New York.

I’ve shot during winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are videos about my favorite Bible verses, this summer’s Luis Palau Festival, and the special greeting I made for the staff at Our Daily Bread.

My goal is to remind viewers that God loves you, He is closer than you think, and that nothing is impossible for God!

I hope you enjoy the videos and that you’ll subscribe to my channel. I plan to add a few more videos so stay tuned!

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