Hope to See You at Abounding Faith’s 1st Book Social!

What are you waiting on God for? Are you frustrated or anxious because you don’t see God moving in your life? Are you tempted to give up and walk away from all that God has promised you? Don’t quit in the middle of your journey!

Come to Abounding Faith’s very 1st Book Social on Saturday, September 16th from 6 – 8 p.m. at Open Bible Church International. We’ll be talking about the book Waiting on God Well and the ups and downs of waiting on God to work in your life.

Please come ready to share your thoughts and the insights you’re learning during your waiting season, and come ready to be blessed by what others will share during the discussion time. Think of it as a book club gathering with your good pals or with new friends you’ll meet that evening.

If you haven’t already read Waiting on God Well, you can order your hard copy or Kindle version right on Amazon.

Here’s what a few readers are saying about Waiting on God Well:

  • Waiting on God Well was quite insightful and encouraging. It gave some very practical tools that can help us continue waiting on the Lord and not give up!”  – Pastor Lillian Gutierrez, Love Gospel Assembly
  • Waiting on God Well is a good and simple read with excellent scriptural references/meditation and (my favorite), the action steps. They’re so HELPFUL! I feel that women, men or anyone who’s willing to seek God’s guidance can benefit from you book.” – Manni Lee, Associate Executive Director, Women of Wonder (WOW)
  • Waiting on God Well gave me time to address a deep prayer request of my heart I had sort of ‘buried.” I took your book on a plane trip, underlined and prayed my way thru, even journaling some. Thank you for your encouragement!” – Anonymous

If you can’t finish the book in time, no worries. Come anyway and be blessed by the fellowship and the short encouraging word I’ll be sharing!

Light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP for you and your friends by emailing info@aboundingfaith.com or on Eventbrite so I can get a headcount.

There will also be door prizes and you’ll have the opportunity to buy copies of my latest book Crossing Your Jordan River as well as Abounding Faith.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 16th! Blessings!

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